Franchise Restaurant Risks


We tailor our risk management solutions based on a thorough understanding of your risk profile and objectives. We will customize an individual program to fit your needs.   We call this the RPA/ICC (Restaurant Programs of America /Innovative Coverage Concepts) difference, sale which involves these three steps:

  • Define risks and opportunities by understanding your business, cialis 40mg and identifying, quantifying, and gauging your tolerance for risk. We then help design a program to manage that risk.
  • Design solutions based on a data analytics-driven approach to support decision making. We build solution options so that you can make effective risk management decisions.
  • Deliver results by using our comprehensive capabilities, experienced claims professionals and individually designed set of risk solutions.

We believe it’s all about a good claims outcome.  After all, isn’t this what insurance is all about? Contract certainty and carrier ability and willingness to investigate and appropriately pay claims. 


In the event of a large or complex loss, our Complex Claims Unit (CCU), compromised of Susan LaBar, Director of Claims Management and our Executive Leadership Team, will:

  • Support and guide you through the claims reporting, investigation and settlement process.
  • Attend meetings to review and analyze loss information and formulate strategies.
  • Take full advantage of our established relationships to negotiate and resolve difficult claims.
  • Select the right counsel and vendors for specific tasks to ensure economic outcomes.
  • Use our clout, leverage and deep carrier relationships to get claims resolutions that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.


At RPA/ICC our Risk team are seasoned professionals dedicated to helping you manage risk issues.  We specialize in workers’ ccompensation, medical management, litigation management, cumulative trauma/CTS specialization, general liability, automobile liability and property damage, and property exposure and adjudication including business interruption and catastrophic claim intervention.

We have our own internal investigative unit that will allow you to investigate your claims immediately after they occur.  By investigating right after the incident occurs, we are able to collect valuable data that could be lost due to employee turnover, purging procedures, construction remodels and poor recollection by witnesses.  Most companies wait 60-90 days to collect important data that could help you fight frivolous claims. 

When you need expert help, we have people in your corner who have encountered nearly every scenario - and can best assist and advise you in protecting your company.

RPA/ICC will work with you to best address your claims and risk issues - and turn a problematic situation into an opportunity.

  • Claim Review/Audits
  • Return to work programs;
  • Fraud detection and prevention;
  • OSHA reporting procedures
  • Carrier interfacing and reporting
  • Safety training
  • Claims reporting training to client and staff 
  • Coverage Advocacy
  • Complex Claims Consulting
  • Claim investigation
  • CAT Management
  • Claims-Needs Analysis
  • Specific Claim Handling Instructions
  • Insurer Insolvencies and market security
  • TPA Selection and RFP review and analysis
  • Attorney/Vendor Selection
  • Benchmarking
  • X-Mod Calculations
  • Letter of Credit Advocacy
  • RMIS Evaluation
  • Subrogation Assistance
  • Outside coverage counsel as needed


ICC has a deep understanding and knowledge of franchise operations. It can range from a chain of Burger Kings to a single location franchisee like an Applebee’s.

Below are the requirements for eligibility:

  • Must be a franchise
  • BOP form
  • No separate Liquor Liability limit
  • Up to 25% liquor sales
  • 48 states, order excluding Alaska and Hawaii
  • Will do single locations
  • Can do 24-hour restaurants
  • Wind excluded in Florida
  • East coast 0-20 miles – 5% W/H deductible
  • Surplus Lines