Let’s Get Ready to RHUMBA!

ICC formed the risk purchasing group Restaurant Hospitality User Member Group RPG, Inc. (RHUMBA) to facilitate adding admitted umbrella coverage for its restaurant and hospitality clients.

“Our exclusive risk purchasing group gives us the unique ability to rate, quote and bind admitted umbrella coverage along with primary casualty, property and auto coverage,” said Dean Carras, President of ICC. “It enables us to meet more of our clients’ coverage needs and makes the insurance-buying process more efficient and economical for them.”

ICC’s restaurant umbrella program features:

  • No shared limits – aggregated per location
  • Limits from $1M to $10M – higher limits available
  • Admitted carrier rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best
  • Strategic Response Coverage Extension included
  • Follow form Liquor Liability, Auto Liability

ICC’s restaurant umbrella program is offered in most US states. For more information, contact Robert Crowell at RobertC@innocov.com. To learn more about this or other ICC program capabilities visit http://www.innocov.com.

Innovative Coverage Concepts, LLC (ICC) is a premier, national Managing General Agency (MGA) focused exclusively on developing and delivering specialized insurance programs for the hospitality industry and restaurants of all types, including fine dining, casual dining, bars, taverns and night clubs. ICC is distinguished by its custom risk management solutions and its innovative processes and technologies developed to assist clients in reducing risk and controlling claims costs and well as streamlining business processes.

For more information, contact:
Robert Crowell
EVP, Innovative Coverage Concepts
Office: 877-615-5488 ext. 242
Mobile: 908-337-8811

Q: Why form a Risk Purchasing Group?

A: RPGs may use their group bargaining power to negotiate more favorable terms with insurers than individual companies alone could negotiate. And by setting standards of membership and employing other risk management methods, they may also help members to reduce loss experience and, in turn, gain better rates.

Q: Is the coverage different from the traditional market?

A: Just like in the traditional market, coverage may be admitted or non-admitted.

Q: Are limits shared by group members?

A: All RPGs are created differently, but RHUMBA members do not share limits.

Q: Can I get a Certificate of Insurance?

A: Absolutely. Each member has access to COIs as well as a copy of the master policy.

Q: What about claims?

A: Claims are reported to and handled by the insurer, just like in the traditional market.

Q: Can Risk Purchasing Groups fail?

A: Like traditional insurers, RPGs can become insolvent. Because RHUMBA’s policies are issued by an admitted insurer they are backed by state guarantee funds.  Not to worry – RHUMBA’s admitted insurer is rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best.