Risk Management Services

ICC is not only a Program Administrator & Wholesaler; we are also a Servicing Specialist in Hospitality

As we continue to grow and expand Innovative Coverage Concepts (ICC) and Restaurant programs of America (RPA) investing and developing customized solutions for our clients.

  • Docutrax
  • Restaurant Risk Management
  • AXIA Risk Management Services, remedy LLC


Managing certificates of insurance is a difficult and expensive task that often leads to frustration and poor outcomes.

More often than not some kind of correspondence must be sent. And if it was ignored you had to send it again. And again. What happens when the document expires and you had to start all over? It’s a lot of work and prone to error.

With Docutrax, it’s all done for you. Properly. The first time.

Docutrax will automatically evaluate and determine compliance with any Acord 25 Certificate of Insurance form. You can set up any combination of insurance coverage terms and limits and Docutrax will determine if what has been submitted meets your requirements. If it’s not in compliance the system will write back with the exact reasons and what needs to be done. If the notice is ignored Docutrax will follow up for you on a schedule you establish with notices written on your customized letter format. And it will monitor expiration dates and notify the policy holder ahead of time when a replacement is needed.

Docutrax is also available under special arrangement for organizations that wish to offer our expert solution to their own clients.

For service providers in complimentary lines of business, this is an ideal way to offer a powerful value-added product to build relationships and retain customers.

Our white box branding program keeps your name and logo permanently displayed, giving you top-of-mind visibility to all your client users


Restaurant Risk Management

  • Offers robust industry based content that can help our clients win business for ICC.  This is helpful on any size account.
  • Offers an online claim reporting / incident routing system



AXIA Risk Management Services, LLC

AXIA RMS provides high quality accident Investigation and Loss Control Services to ICC and RPA clients.  Our philosophy and belief at AXIA RMS is to avoid long tail liability where possible by expediently investigating claims to determine the extent of liability. We fill the gap and go beyond the traditional TPA’s investigative services providing immediate on site in-depth investigation.

Our initial focus is concentrated in two key areas:

  • Loss control to ICC
  • Claims investigation services to TPA claims administrators

AXIA RMS is led by Nicholaos S. Galakis, President, working with Susan Kruger, Director of Claims Management.

Additional products and services will be developed in support of this overall strategy.